5 Steps For Your Business to Reduce Waste the Chowgirls Way

Waste diversion is something your business can start working on right away. It’s okay to start small. Even one waste-sorting station helps reduce the amount of trash sent to landfills.  Check out these  5 simple steps your business can take to start reducing your carbon footprint.

Supply Waste Sorting Stations  

Clear signage and proper bins are keys to making sure everyone disposes waste in the correct way. Your county can be an excellent resource for your business. We received a grant from Hennepin County to get new bins, color coded for recycling, compost, and trash. They also provide signage for bins to illustrate how to properly dispose of the waste created in your workplace. 

Invest in Education

Learn “what goes where” and educate your staff about it. Your county may also offer classes or be able to bring someone into your workplace to coach your staff on waste-sorting. 

Compost Food & Wares

If it’s disposable, make sure it’s compostable. If you’re already composting food waste, you can add more to the pile.  Switch over to compostable disposable wares, including paper napkins, bamboo utensils, tree-free paper plates, “plastic” cups made from corn. Check out the many stylish options on the market from a few of our favorite suppliers are Eco World Products, Pack n Wood, and BambooMN.  

Donate Leftovers

Talk about a win-win! If you’re in the food industry, reduce the amount of food waste generated by donating it to shelters. Both Hennepin County and Second Harvest Heartland have programs that allow food-based businesses to donate prepared food that’s been held at food-safe temperatures. Check out Second Harvest Heartland’s Website, contact Diane Wortz at dwortz@2harvest.org,  or sign up directly at mealconnect.org

Recycle Plastic Films

Did you know plastic bags and wrap can be recycled? We were thrilled to discover Merrick Plastic Recycling! They recycle plastic food storage bags, wrap, dry-cleaning bags, and other packaging if it’s clean and not contaminated with food. Even better, a portion of their proceeds goes to their mission of empowering adults with disabilities.For more information, contact Marissa Jenson at marissaj@merrickinc.org

For more resources and information on our sustainability practices, head to sustainability.chowgirls.net.

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